Sunday, May 8, 2011

SCD-licious Sandwiches

Not too long ago, I had an overwhelming, all consuming craving for a sandwich.  You know one with a sturdy bread that would hold tomatoes, meat, lettuce, olives, cheese oh my!!!!  Before we became an SCD family, I used to make what we lovingly referred to as a "Big Sandwich". If you are from Southern Louisiana, you would be familiar with it's other name, Muffuletta. I would make a whole wheat bread dough that I would bake in a stoneware casserole and then slice through the middle and fill with all kinds of wonderful things and bake until the cheese melted.  We would slice it up and devour it!!!!  Ok so after about 3 years with out our beloved Big Sandwich, I became desparate to find a way to make a legal version. Because as I mentioned before, we refuse to be deprived. The result was better than we expected.

Big Sandwich
focaccia sandwich buns
4 baked chicken breasts seasoned with (salt, pepper, SCD legal ground garlic, and chili powder)
Sliced tomatos ( I like to salt and pepper them)
shredded lettuce
Fresh grated Colby Jack
SCD legal sliced green and black olives
Seasoned oil (recipe to follow)

Seasoned Oil
In a pot pour 1/2 cup olive oil .  Then add the seasonings you desire, for instance scd legal red pepper flakes, basil, tyme, parsley, a dash or two of red wine vinegar also some fresh grated Ramano Cheese.  Simmer the mixture for 3-5 minutes keeping a close eye on it.  Let it cool.

To build your big sandwich, slice cooled chicken in thin slices.  I usually slice on a diagional.  Slice your Focaccia Bread through the center and lay open on a plate.  Jacob likes SCD legal mustard on his.  If you have prepared SCD legal Mayo that would be good too. On the bottom slice of Focaccia Bread, arrange chicken slices to the desired amount making as flat a surface as possible.  Next, place desired amount of grated cheese.  On top of the cheese, place about a teaspoon full of each kind of olive.  On the top slice, place shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes and drizzle with a touch of seasoned olive oil.  Put sandwich buns together and place each sandwich on a prepared baking sheet or we use a stone.  Bake at 350 a minute or two till the cheese melts and enjoy!!!!

Now is it just a Southern thing to eat Fried Egg Sandwiches? If you've never had one you have to try them.  I have been hooked on them since I was a little girl.  And ,of course, began making them for my boys when they were little.  So after mastering the big Sandwich, we tackled this old favorite.  Again, we were not disappointed.

Fried Egg Sandwich
1 Focaccia Sandwich bun
2 eggs
fresh grated Colby Jack Cheese

Just fry up two eggs.  You really need to think about how you like your yoke though.  I like mine a little runny but Jacob prefers his cooked solid.  It is a personal choice there is no right or wrong way.  Cut your sandwich bun and you can put SCD legal Mayo (my favorite), mustard or butter on the slices.  Place one egg right out of the pan so it is hot.  Then sprinkle with freshly grated cheese and top with second hot egg and top off with more cheese.  Close up the sandwich and look out.  This sandwich goes fast!!

Other, sandwich favorites are a hamburger, a sandwich made with left over roast or brisket.  The possibilities are endless!!!  As long as your ingredients are legal you can make a sandwich smorgasbord!!   Wow that's a word I haven't used in a while!  Any way, take it away and make your favorite sandwich then share with us here at Honey Pie.  I am always up for new ideas to try!!


  1. What a "meaty" post this is! I love the recipes and the pictures! Yum... we'll just have to make one of these soon. Your description just makes me want to take a big bite of that Big Sandwich.

  2. Hey Robin..glad you liked the post. The picture doesn't do it justice but this is a yummy sandwich. It really nips that craving for a sandwich you can really sink your teeth into!!! Let me know when you try it!!

  3. I live on the West Coast and I absolutely love fried egg sandwiches! We just discovered the foccacia bread and can't seem to make enough. We love it.

  4. Hey Oh we have the same problem here. I make these sandwich buns several times a week. Anytime, I think I might not make them, Jacob will ask if I have any made. So I just plan to make them every day!! The focaccia is so dreamy. And you can change it up by adding different things in it. We have added a little of the seasoned oil to replace the butter it is tasty like that too. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  5. Hi, it looks really yummy. Can you eat the Focaccai bread on the SCDiet? Please, if it is SCD legal , can you give me the recipe for the focaccia bread. My son will love it, thank you again.

  6. Never mind, I found the recipe on your blog. Thanks, I will definitely try it. We are still new on the SCD diet, hopefully we can try this bread soon.

  7. So glad you found the recipe. Yes it is hard to believe but this wonderful bread is legal. As you get further into the diet you will find more and more wonderful recipes and cookbooks that offer more tasty recipes. I pray all is going well for you and your son on SCD. Hang in there it gets better and better!