Sunday, December 11, 2011

SCD and Antibiotics

Well I just finished reading an email from a friend whose son is also on SCD. As it turns out, he was just getting a recent flare undercontrol.  A flare she felt was caused by a recent antibiotic he had been perscribed.

I have worried about that myself as we have had a few little illness that we were able to escape having to take an antibiotic for but worried that he might have to.  Once we went in with some allergies and they wanted to give him a shot and I quickly checked the antibiotic out and found it wasn't a safe one so we passed all together.

When I began the diet, I was advised by some very wise SCDers on the SCDlist to check out a list on the Breaking the Vicious Cycle site of safe and unsafe Antibiotics before I took Jacob to the Doctor.  I was so happy then to have that information and so unaware, at the time, of the problems the wrong antibiotic would cause.  Just in case you have not stumbled across this information, I would like to pass it on to you for your consideration. You can find it here.

Just keep it handy when going to the doctor so you will have it to reference when they want to perscribe something for you or your child.

However, I am praying that you all stay in the best of health so this isn't even a problem!!

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