Friday, February 25, 2011


I love quiche!!  So did my family.  I say did because this recipe is so easy that I made it all the time and now it is not so much their favorite any more.  They did consent to let me make it last week but it will be awhile before they will be ready to have it again.  So to make myself feel better I will share it with you and you can make it for your family.

This recipe is very easy and the best thing is it is a great way to get rid of left overs.  I usually save the last little bit of roast or taco meat to add into it. Also changing up the cheese or vegetables depending on the type of meat makes things nice as well.  The one I have pictured here is with left over round steak.  It was soooo yummy!!!  Here is the recipe.


1 1/2 cup Almond Flour
4 Tbs real butter
dash of salt
1-2 Tbs Cold water

Cut butter into flour  with salt.  Next add in water a table spoon at a time mixing dough till you get a well formed ball of dough.  Press into a pie pan up to edges and place in oven while it is preheating to 350.  Just long enough to set not brown.

8 eggs
1 cup freshly grated cheese ( I usually put 2 kinds: Colby Jack and Swiss).
Seasonings to taste : I use salt, pepper, ground dried garlic , ground dried chili
2 Tbs Farmers Cheese or Yogurt Cheese (can be left out if not available)
1 cup or more of meat of choice : Taco meat, chopped roast or round steak
Spinach or broccoli Don't really have a measurement here.  Just the amount you like.  I think maybe I use 1/4 cup spinach.

Mix all ingredients well in a bowl.  Pour into prepared pie crust.  Bake at 350 for 45 minutes!   We usually top ours with either Salsa or Marinara Sauce.  It is also good with soup perhaps Tomato Basil.

This is just about the easiest recipe for a meal I have.  And it keeps well.  I often make one and we eat on it for lunch through out the week.  Also, Jacob has taken this on road trips for his lunch.  He doesn't mind eating it at room temp.  I have also doubled this recipe and put it in an 8x8 dish just to make it go farther.


  1. Yum! Thanks for the great easy recipe. We made ours vegetarian, adding more cheese, spinach, and sauteed onion.

  2. Hello Rachel Thank you so much for your comment on this post. I love to hear back from those who have tried the recipes. Wow your version sounds delicious. I will definately have to give it a try. Hope you stop by again soon!! Melanie

  3. Hi Melanie,
    I happened upon your blog because I was looking for a crust for a quiche (most SCD are crustless). It worked up just like a regular pie crust! Thank you! Hope all is well with your son.

    1. Hey Leslie
      So glad you liked the Quiche. Thank you for letting me know how it turned out!! Also, Thank you for your well wishes. I pray you are all doing well also. Melanie